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Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Inventure Growth & Securities Limited

Free Shares Tips from for 16th Nov 2017
Chart Futures and Options tips ( Inventure Growth & Securities Limited )
ActionTrigger Price Stop LossTarget-1 Target-2
BUY ABOVE1514.51617.4
S.SELL BELOW1414.813.412
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Chart Futures and Options tips ( Religare Enterprises Limited )
ActionTrigger Price Stop LossTarget-1 Target-2
BUY ABOVE46.445.24747.9
S.SELL BELOW4545.444.543
Chart Futures and Options tips ( Zodiac Jrd- Mkj Limited )
ActionTrigger Price Stop LossTarget-1 Target-2
BUY ABOVE42.240.942.944
S.SELL BELOW40.741.54039


Suvojit Sarkar said...

Buy shekhwali poly-yan spyl bse coad 533301Mukesh Ramniranjan Ruia

Chairman & Managing Director very pro active c the shekhawati poly future plan u must search YouTube

And the company also listed in NSE .the company is texstyles company main advantage for shekhawati poly is a b categori stock just look at the June seals 29 cr rs and march result sales 27 cr rs .company debt is year 2016 182 cr rs seure loans and year 2017 company debt 156 cr rs secure loans and company have 3 cr rs in bank account cash in bank and company promoter securities deposit by agreement not plage120 cr rs amount stock that means the company have to pay very low interest rate for 120 cr rs.. The summary of all 186 cr rs - 156 cr rs =26 cr rs reduced debt company in process of reduce debt very good for the company in future . now according 2017 the company debt amount 156 cr rs - company promoter security deposit by argument not plage to bank stock amount 120 cr rs(156 cr rs -120 cr rs) = 36 cr rs - 3 cr rs cash in hand = 33 cr rs have to pay to the bank and company also apply NPA for reducing 33 cr rs interest.. According to me basis of this debt amount very small only 33 cr rs very good for the company have only 31 cr stock - 15 cr stocks promoter hold =16 cr stocks hold by retailer .. Also the company life high is 6.90rs made in 2011 when nifty traded 2500 point only and company posted every 3 months result[2011to2015] sale of 4 to 6 cr rs on average now in year 2016 to 2017 company posted 25 to 28 cr every 3 months result and promoter of the company very strong they r increase holding 49.12% that's the reason I am thinking positive ...according to me u.c rally have to start very soon buy for target 3 rs atlist ..the target will archive in u.c rally.. Texstyle stocks r in bull run now loans mean company deposit his pure asset to the bank. Shekhawati poly also NSE listed company any one want to buy shekhawati poly the stock available in NSE for buying ...very soon lock in u.c NSE and bse to shekhawati poly long target 5.75rs on shekhawati poly adopt Ind a.s for odey sebi all guide line.. Company management very clear and strong very under value stock life high is 6.90rs

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